About Alysia

Alysia Montaño is an American middle distance runner. She is a six-time USA Outdoor champion 2007 (1:59.47), 2010 (1:59.87), 2011 (1:58.33); 2012 (1:59.08); 2013 (1:58.67); 2015 (1:59.15). She perhaps gained more notoriety for the 2014 race that she did not win. In fact, she finished dead last in the field, running 2:32.13....while 8 months pregnant. She has represented the United States at numerous international championships including the 2012 Olympics. She distinguishes herself by wearing a flower in her hair while running, a personal affectation she adopted to assert her femininity while training with men.

“My life philosophy has been to be bold and courageous"— Alysia Montaño

On the international level she has exhibited a bold, front running style, challenging other runners to keep up with her.

Alysia might not be easy to keep up with in a race but you can keep up with her through one of the accounts below!